Why Are Automated Trading Systems Taking Over Manual Investments?

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May 2, 2024

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Automated trading systems are taking over investment management in the same way as automatic emails are taking over customer support. The FX market is too big and complicated to rely on manual systems to make trade decisions. Therefore, financial institutions and private investors are turning to high-tech systems that can handle the stress of millions of dollars worth of trades in seconds without succumbing to emotional decisions that leave investors vulnerable to lose.
Here’s an overview of how automated trading works and why it’s becoming more popular in the financial sector each year.

What Is An Automated Trading System (ATS)?

An automated trading system is a trading platform that takes information from various sources and uses algorithmic methods to generate investment decisions. AI-powered automation can be used in nearly any area of finance but is most often used to make investments based on both fundamental and technical analysis.
The AI software scans market data for opportunities and then executes trades according to pre-set parameters. In addition to trading faster than human investors could ever hope to do manually, ATSs also have lower operating costs than their human counterparts. It has resulted in an increasing number of investors turning over their investment management operations entirely or partially to automated systems.

The Rise Of The ATS

For over a decade, automated trading systems have been used in investment management. Their presence has increased significantly recently as these companies continue to hone their algorithms and explore ways to expand into new markets. These systems use advanced artificial intelligence, but they aren’t autonomous or intelligent enough to work entirely on their own—they still need human interaction to make decisions. However, many experts believe that AI-powered investment solutions will completely change how we invest our money soon.

This technology has been growing in popularity over recent years as more companies recognize its benefits. For example, an AI-powered investment platform will allow you to trade stocks without monitoring them throughout the day. You simply input your trades before you leave work, and your system will do all of your monitoring for you. It allows you to spend more time on other aspects of your business or life while still making sure that your money is being invested wisely.
Experts estimate that AI will add $15 trillion to the world economy by 2030. Another report by Infoholic Research states that the global AI in the financial asset management market is expected to witness a CAGR of 33.84% to reach a revenue of $11.39 billion by 2025.
That’s because it’s becoming challenging for humans to keep up with all of the market data produced every day. But AIs can parse through reams of information and quickly analyze which investments are likely to be most profitable at any given time.

The Benefits Of An ATS

As a business owner, you want to make your life as easy as possible. That’s why automated trading systems (ATS) have seen such a rapid adoption rate recently.

  • An automated trading system reduces time spent checking financial markets, helping traders save hours of their day on labor-intensive chores. Such benefits often outweigh higher prices for ATS over standard automated trading software.
  • It is also easier to compare an AI system with an individual human trader: computers don’t get tired or distracted, they can analyze far more data than we can, and they do not need lunch breaks!
  • They remove any emotional bias from your investment decisions. You don’t have to worry about missing out on good opportunities because you cannot react quickly enough or have FOMO.

Even if you’re not a company owner, an AI could still be worth it for personal use. You won’t have to waste time manually looking at stock charts anymore!
No matter what your circumstances, AI-powered trading will probably be able to help you reach your goals faster. If that sounds appealing, take a look at our trading platform today!

How Can An ATS Help You?

In today’s fast-paced financial world, investors and traders need all of the edges they can get. Automated trading systems offer automated analysis for investment positions. An ATS is a software program that offers powerful tools to help investors make informed decisions with their investments.
In today’s digital age, with algorithms and machines replacing humans in a variety of roles, it may seem like stock market trading is just another example of robots taking over jobs. However, AI-powered investment management is something to get excited about. With ATSes rapidly evolving, now is a good time to look into whether they could be a valuable tool for your investment strategy—and why they might even make your portfolio more successful than it already is.
AI-powered investment management systems have proven eminent at analyzing enormous volumes of data, detecting patterns, and making trades. It will allow you to invest in any market anytime—allowing computers to analyze data for you and make investment decisions based on AI algorithms. You gain a huge advantage over traditional manual trading methods.

How Does It Work?

Stock trading has been a part of finance for a long time. The problem is that today’s stock market can be volatile, complex, and intensely competitive – all factors that make it difficult for individual investors to compete with institutional traders. Thankfully, automated trading systems may offer one solution to this problem: computers have never lost a trade!
AI stock trading platforms use artificial intelligence to analyze financial markets in real time, making them highly effective at analyzing stocks and investing on your behalf. Their advanced AI technology enables them to consider thousands of variables to predict which stocks will rise or fall in value, giving you an edge over other traders who rely on human instincts alone.
Algorithmic trading has made it easier for an average individual to enter and exit the market, even as markets get more volatile. With these systems, you will be able to move your money toward growth with minimal effort. They are faster than a human eye due to data access, tons of computing power, and analysis provided by calculated strategies—allowing you to make money that you would not have made without one.

Choosing One That Suit Your Needs

Deciding to automate your trading process is a significant step toward maximizing your investment potential. With numerous options out there, it is crucial to consider what’s most important to you before making a decision.
The first step in choosing a trading platform is to decide what kind of trading system you want to use. There are two basic types:

  • First, algorithmic trading system—complex mathematical programs can tell you when it’s time to buy, sell and make a profit. These algorithms use advanced statistics to determine how successful your trades might be in the future.
  • Another automated trading lets you set up your own customized rules to tell them what type of trades they should execute on your behalf – just like an autopilot feature!

With automated algorithmic trading platforms, you won’t need any special training or knowledge of finance or trading to use automated software – it will do everything for you!
A good starting point is to figure out how much you can invest and what “trading goals” you want to achieve. Then, let the automated trading system take over.


By focusing on a clear set of investment goals and objectives, anyone can use software and algorithms to find the most lucrative investment opportunities. By automating and streamlining the process, companies save time and money, allowing them to invest in additional strategies to increase profitability. The industry is witnessing the rise of new players with profound investment tools that boost profitability rates that never existed before. And it is only going to get better.
If you are ready to start investing with AI-based automated trading, book a free consulting session with our investment experts.